Accessible, Available & 

Affordable Therapy


Therapeutic Hour Counselling:

Face to face (Zoom): $100.

Audio (phone call): $100.

Email counselling: $65.

Text counselling (*unlimited): $90 per week.

Instant Messaging (*unlimited): $90 per week.

**Combination: 1xF2F or 1xAudio or 1xemail plus Text*: $150 per week

Terms and Conditions:

Currently all appointments are made online.

Payments are to be made using the shopping cart below.

I do not offer a Medicare rebate.

Cancellation fees are the full cost of appointments.

The therapeutic hour is 50 minutes.

Appointments are offered in consultation with client.

Email service is available 24 hours a day and emails will be responded to within 48 hours of arrival.

* immediate responses are not guaranteed. One to two replies per day should be expected. 

** A combination of two therapies. One from either Face2Face, Audio or Email plus one from Text or Instant Messaging.

Prices are in Australian dollars.