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Stacey supports individuals & families during difficult times. She actively listens and assists individuals to become self aware. Stacey helps those who are feeling lost or alone.


Services Offered include...

Stress Management​

Stress can seriously affect your body and mind.  You may be experiencing chronic fatigue, migraines or other common symptoms associated with being stressed. 

Anxiety and Depression

Never feeling quite right, not interested in life or worrying excessively over everything. You may have panic attacks or be showing signs of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). 


Whether you have issues with a partner, family member or friend. Services also available for children and adolescents. Helping teenagers deal with issues, especially when they feel overwhelmed. 


Post traumatic stress disorder is triggered by a terrifying event. You may be experiencing flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety. 


You may have experienced a death, recent or past. Or have previously coped with a traumatic death, but are now inconsolable after what you consider a lesser loss.

Also covers infertility, miscarriage and the loss of the life you had envisioned.


Anyone can find themselves in an abusive relationship. Abuse comes in many forms: cultural, emotional, financial, physical, psychological, sexual.

And abuse is not exclusive to relationships. You may wish to speak about bullying in the workplace.


Hello, I'm Stacey

I'm a UK qualified teacher and counsellor, who had planned on moving to Queensland from a young age. After spending my pre-university days backpacking this beautiful country, I fell in love with the Queensland lifestyle. 

However, life doesn't always go as planned and in 2008 my eldest child died of sudden, unexpected, infant death. This traumatic loss led me to a lovely counsellor named Olive and the process was such that I became a huge advocate of counselling. 

I became a founding member of a local bereavement support group and I used my teaching skills to publish self-help workbooks to support families. 

My personal journey then evolved and I became a single parent. This was another very traumatic event in my life but I used my experiences and went on to train as a counsellor.  Mental health awareness is now one of my passions and I believe that openly sharing my experiences helps others feel they can approach me.

I've helped clients in many areas, from anxiety through to trauma and everything else in between. As an integrative counsellor I have different ways of working, but I always focus on my client and their needs. 

If you feel I am the type of counsellor who could help you, please drop me an email. I am here to listen and support. I will help you to help yourself.

Stacey x

Qualifications and More...

Stacey Hughes is UK qualified integrative counsellor;

specialising in Person Centred, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Psychodynamic Theory.

Level 2 Basic Counselling Skills

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

Stacey is also a qualified school teacher with 20 years experience.

Bachelor Arts with Honors, in Primary and Secondary Education.

Stacey has worked in inner city and rural and remote schools.

Stacey has published 'Dealing with Loss: A Workbook for Kids'

and 'So Many Memories' a life story workbook.

Stacey has volunteered and co-founded a local support group for bereaved parents.

Stacey has designed and delivered bereavement workshops for UK medical professionals.